WAIT Interstate Trip 2010: Kansas Report

Report by Sarah Karnowski, Kansas WAIT Youth Director

Photos of trip, click here.

On March 18th, the DC WAIT Team were met by Richard & Barbara Karnowski, Kansas WAIT parents, and treated to a special all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet dinner after which they sang “Reach Out” for the Karnowskis. They then drove another 20 minutes to the home of another WAIT family, the Thompson’s, who welcomed them warmly.

On March 19th, the day started early at the Douglas Community Center in Manhattan. KS WAIT members, Xavier Dowdell, and Elke Thompson, demonstrated Tae Kwon Do and krumping. The DC trainers taught the Kansas WAIT members the dance to “Desert Rose,” adding in new sections using step dance, break-dance, krumping, and Tae Kwon Do.

Following this, we attended the screening of “Cashing Out”at K-State University. The audience was truly inspired by this no-budget independent movie, and suggested another screening later in the semester.

At the performance at the Manhattan Public Library, DC and Kansas WAIT team performed “Desert Rose” with the newly added pieces and a whole performance with new WAIT members learning new parts.

The day went from a beautiful sunny day to a cold, windy, snowy evening. Driving to Kansas City, the van was struck by an 18-wheeler that had blown a tire. The WAIT members from DC and KS were miraculously protected from serious harm, and helped by many people, and decided to continue the training work.

While Aunt Kate contacted all families and insurance companies to report the accident, the training continued with the Kansas WAIT members learning “A Rose Is Still A Rose”, while the guys practiced “WAIT for Me” and break dancing.

After a delicious dinner, the group came together to review the internal guidelines of WAIT and the way we operate. To finish the night, “Cashing Out” was shown.

On March 21st, in the Kansas City Church center there was Sunday service. After lunch, Kansas members learned more of “Desert Rose” and Rose Is Still A Rose” The guys practiced the rap parts for “Wait for Me.” Meanwhile, Kate Tsubata shared with the parents the specifics of how adults provide the wisdom and ongoing guidance for each team.

At the closing of the training, a performance for the parents was suggested, with each dance or song presented. Besides the standard acts, we heard Xavier’s new rap about WAIT, and had an exciting final act where young and old showed their moves in a spontaneous dance off!

On March 22nd, the DC trainers navigated obstacles to rent a van, arrange the towing of their van to a salvage yard, meet insurance agents, and transfer equipment to continue their journey to Nebraska. Before leaving, the team sang “Reach Out” to the Saarnas, WAIT family, in thanks for their kind support at a tough time.