1) Half of new infections each year in the US are among 13 to 19 year olds! (CDC) That's 20,000 teens a year!

2) Although new infections were steady at 40,000 per year, in 2002, that increased 8 percent overall.

3) HIV is also one of the the leading cause of death among young people(reported in www.cfoc.org).

4) The highest risk factor is having multiple sex partners. 19 percent of teens have had 4 or more partners.

5) One day after infection, more than 10 billion HIV particles are replicated within the body, and the person is highly contagious, especially through sex.

6) Boys are infected in greater numbers, however, due to drug-related infection, imprisonment and Male to male sex.7) Girls, 15 to 24, are the group with the largest increase in infections.

8) Teen girls are 5 times more vulnerable to infection through sex than guys.

9) WAIT believes that the only acceptable transmission rate is Zero Percent.

10) Not until 3 to 6 months later will an HIV test show positive for the antibodies the body produces against HIV.

11) Sexual partners transmitted HIV 50 percent of the time, if a condom was not used. If used every time, they transmitted the virus only 25 percent of the time. However, that is still a 1 in 4 rate of transmission. (1995 Study, Johns Hopkins University)

12) The single best fail-safe method to prevent HIV infection is abstinence from sexual contact and/or having one faithful lifetime sexual partner (monogamy or faithful marriage).

13) Teens are also at risk through blood-contact from piercings, tattoos, and other implements.

14) Of the 47 million people currently infected world wide, half are under 25, creating a huge impact on the population, economy, education, development and food production in their nations.

15) Teens today will see more than 110 million people infected in the next 6 years, unless we can drastically stop the current rate of transmission.

16) If America follows world trends, within a very short time, 16 million people will be infected.