Conditions to be considered for the program: 

To be eligible to become a WAIT trainer, a person must already be capable of putting others first. They must have a true commitment to saving lives. They must be serious about living a lifestyle of non-dating and abstinence until lifetime, faithful marriage. They must be able to work with a wide variety of people and circumstances. They must be in good health. External performing arts skills are helpful, but not a condition of participation. Rather, each person's unique talents will be accentuated in order to help bring out the overall message.

As envisioned, the WAIT trainer program will include working in several existing state teams, working in one's home state to help a local team begin or develop, and then working to initiate new teams in other states and other countries. It will also include fundraising to for costs of living, travel and outreach. Trainers will teach HIV/AIDS powerpoint lectures, teach skit and game show content, and will train others in the internal attitude of WAIT. 

Each Trainer will also be encouraged to work on different skills, which can provide ways to expand the message, such as web design, video, music production, filmmaking, and other cultural products.