UK WAIT Team Christmas Concert - Dec. 18, 2014

On Thursday 18th of December, the entirety of WAIT met in Lancaster Gate for the 2014 Christmas concert. We brought friends and family to watch, and kicked off with a warm and lively introduction from the MCs, Josh and Cara. They led us through the evening, with performances ranging from African singing to incredible beat boxing. There were a couple of talks about the message of WAIT and our progress, with reports on projects in Africa and Albania. Our WAIT performances included an energetic, synchronised and punchy dance to ’Chandelier’, an original, emotional and touching drama piece, an expressive and beautiful contemporary dance and a treat of songs from the music group. Inclusive of the raffle, the final WAIT song and Christmas songs to end on a festive high, I’ve no doubt that everyone enjoyed the night!

New coordinator of WAIT, Carmel Mould said “It was a great debut for the newest WAIT acts. I see the potential for much bigger, brighter platforms to spread the message. Some things to improve but a lot to be proud of”. (By coincidence, the Concert happened to fall on Carmel’s 18th Birthday!!)
I’d like to give a huge thank you to Carmel and the other organisers of WAIT, on behalf of the whole team. You’ve all invested so much and the concert wouldn’t be as great as it was without all the hard work and practise by every member of the team.
Many thanks to everyone for coming! Until next year.
Written by Natalia Almeida