The team has been active with their Kick-Off workshop October and their annual Christmas concert in December of 2016. 

This summer they are traveling to Philippines (July 12-31). They will be working in cooperation with some Filipino members reaching out to youth with abstinence education - in order to compliment this effort, but also to deal with the increase of HIV infections there (17%) and the online sex trafficking activity.  They will be visiting Manila, Cavite City, Antipolo and also Bohol region where a lot of youth activity take place. The team will be making PPT presentations or giving talks on History of WAIT, HIV/AIDS, Value of Abstinence, Dangers of Online Sex Trafficking, etc. plus training on, and performing songs, dance and drama to youth at a number of schools and community & rehabilitation centres.

In April 2017, joined with IRFF UK they are had their Annual Pilgrimage Walk Fundraiser. 
The proceeds from this Sponsored Walk will be split between funding to build 3 new classrooms at Destiny Junior School in Uganda AND the WAIT trip to the Philippines this July.

Currently, they have raised £5,800 towards their goal of £7,000, and will continue their fundraising efforts until they depart. They are very grateful for all the support we have received!!"