Worcester WAIT Performs in Montreal - May 26, 2013

The Worcester WAIT Team made their first international trip and performance to Montreal, Canada. On May 25, 2013, nine members of the Worcester team along with team parent Sam Wada and Uncle Mark Hanlon. They made this trip in response to a request from a local church group whose leaders hoped their youth would be inspired to form their own WAIT team after seeing a performance.

The team members arrived at the church building on the evening of the 25th where they were met with open arms and allowed the use of the apartment quarters above the church building. They spent the evening preparing for the performance the following day. In the morning, team member Molly Rhodes and Uncle Sam traveled to another local church where they attended service and invited youth from the congregation to attend the performance that afternoon.

When it came time for the performance, the small venue was full to bursting with members of both church groups. Afterward, many youth and parents expressed interest in forming a local team and gave their contact information. The Worcester team plans to return to Montreal in the future to conduct a full training with those people.

Overall, the church group in Montreal went above and beyond when it came to welcoming the WAIT members, going so far as to take them on a tour of the town and treat them to a delicious sushi dinner. We are all excited to be forming a partnership with such loving, generous people!

--Contributed by Molly Rhodes