The team has been active with their Kick-Off workshop October and their annual Christmas concert in December of 2016. 

This summer they are traveling to Philippines (July 12-31). They will be working in cooperation with some Filipino members reaching out to youth with abstinence education - in order to compliment this effort, but also to deal with the increase of HIV infections there (17%) and the online sex trafficking activity.  They will be visiting Manila, Cavite City, Antipolo and also Bohol region where a lot of youth activity take place. The team will be making PPT presentations or giving talks on History of WAIT, HIV/AIDS, Value of Abstinence, Dangers of Online Sex Trafficking, etc. plus training on, and performing songs, dance and drama to youth at a number of schools and community & rehabilitation centres.

In April 2017, joined with IRFF UK they are had their Annual Pilgrimage Walk Fundraiser. 
The proceeds from this Sponsored Walk will be split between funding to build 3 new classrooms at Destiny Junior School in Uganda AND the WAIT trip to the Philippines this July.

Currently, they have raised £5,800 towards their goal of £7,000, and will continue their fundraising efforts until they depart. They are very grateful for all the support we have received!!"




Man from Japan joined the Year of Service

On March 28, 2014 Kensaku Shibata came from Mie Prefecture, Japan. He performing for the first time in the skit and did a poplocking routine the next day March 29th for a purity education event performance. During his stay, he helped with a bi-weekly food bank. He helped with helping a family move with taking pictures of furniture to sell, posting on Craigslist, and just using his muscles. 

He went every weekend Fundraising for the team and participated in weekly practices. 

He developed his English by writing, reading, and taking a class at the local neighborhood building. 

Sadly, after 3 months he had to go back to Japan.