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Hyattsville MD, 20784

Check out the WAIT Team Store, to purchase a WAIT t-shirt and other art and jewelry designed by WAIT team members. All proceeds go toward WAIT outreach all over the country and world. 

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Kate Tsubata, Director

Dear Friends,

Some exciting news about WAIT!  We are about to travel across 10 states to teach and train new teams in Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Georgia.  We estimate the costs to be:     

- $1,561 (gas for van)   

- $1,500 (food and supplies for 10 people, for 15 days)

- So, for about $3,000 we are hoping to reach five states. 

Our Year of Service Trainers have already set up some large scale performances in churches, schools, campuses, and health events.  In addition, in each area, we will be training local teens and adults in how to operate their own WAIT team.  We are raising funds to allow us to carry out the trip, so if you can find it in your heart to give ANYTHING (small or large) we will work hard to make sure your contribution has the maximum impact.   

Second: Our international work is continuing as well.  We have a lot of invitations to go and do trainings in other countries.  Our only limitation is the cost of airfares.  But we were thinking: many people have a certain country that they would like to serve or support.  If getting to that country is difficult for you, or if you’d like to support the nation with excellent HIV prevention outreach, you could contribute to WAIT to go to that country.  

If several families all felt inspired to support such an initiative, we could send a few trainers there on your behalf, and even to your proposes city or region.  We would communicate with you about contacts that are made, accomplishments, and the needs of the people.  Hopefully, you would be able to connect to positive organizations and active individuals without having to physically go there yourself.  Or, if you want to accompany the group, even better!  

A special country to consider is South Africa: the World Cup will be played throughout this country in June 2010.  We already have a strong foundation there of WAIT teams and a network of 20 or more allied organizations.  There is an invitation to send a few trainers there this spring, to train youth leaders around the country, in anticipation of a world AIDS event to take place during the World Cup activities.  The airfares this spring would be about $1,200 per person.  

With luck, our UK WAIT team will also send several trainers.  In our experience, this could reach many nations at once, by empowering the extremely talented performers of South Africa to give the message during the games.  Please keep this in your prayers, and let us know if this is a project you’d like to contribute to.  

Finally, thank you for your hard work for all people.  Together, we can reverse stigma and fear, and help create positive and loving initiatives to heal the world.  

Your friends on the WAIT team,  

Kate Tsubata


March 13 
- Depart Washington DC
- Arrive in Columbus, Ohio
- Training and Performance 

March 14-15 
- Columbus, Ohio
- Training Con't
- Music, Songwriting, Dance, Fundraising

March 16 
- Travel thru Chicago, Il 
to Waterloo, Iowa

March 17 
- Waterloo, Iowa
- Performance @ Union Missionary Baptist Church

March 18
- Travel to Manhattan, Kansas

March 19-22
- Manhattan, Kansas
- Parent Training
- Training & Performances
"Cashing Out" Screening 
- Kansas City, Kansas
- Training, Parent Training, Performances for parents

March 23-25
- Omaha, Nebraska
- Performance @ Ralston Middle School, Ralston, NE
- Performance @ Eagles Nest Church, Omaha, NE

April 8-11 
-Atlanta, Georgia                                                                                                                                       
- Training, Fundraising, Performance for Parents

May 20-22
-Manchester, New Hampshire
-Training, Performances