Hey everyone! 

Next week, the WAIT team is going on a trip to 5 different states to inspire teams across the US and to reach as many people as we can!

I am selling $10 digital sketches to help support this trip. Our total costs are going to come to about $3,500. Here are some examples:

I don't have so much time, so I won't really be able to answer to any specific requests, like paintings from photos, but i'll do my best. I can at least guarantee that everything will be made with love! 

Most of this week will be spent doing if you're still interested, just message or email me. You can send adonation through the mail, or paypal through the WAIT website. 

We're leaving in a week, so I can only take requests until then. Llimited offer yo! 


more examples (Facebookmore

Contact Harmony @