Dear All,   

The World AIDS Hour event organised by WAIT-SA in Cape Town, as part of the 2010 Initiative, was an overwhelming success.  According to Mr Abraham, the Vice Head Teacher of John Graham Primary School, the school that hosted the event, important people from Department of Health, Teachers' Union, the key sponsor -  Mr Jalamba who is the Director of HIV Education in Western Cape - attended the event.   

Nearly 500 students and WAIT-SA partners, like Haven of Hope, attended the event.  Mr Abraham was quoted as saying that "...something very important has started here in the Western Cape".  I spoke with the Principal of John Graham Primary School and she said, "...I am very pleased that the event took place in our school and it was very successful".  She also expressed gratitude to WAIT-SA for the event. John Graham Primary School is one of WAIT-SA partners in South Africa.   

Many thanks for your support and to those who organised the evnt – details of the report will be available soon.   Regards always,   

Francis Fobbie.