Application Process: 

Those who wish to apply to participate should send a letter, signed by both the parents and the youth candidate. The letter should state why the family feels that the WAIT trainer option is desirable, and should describe the candidate's background, any unique characteristics or dreams and goals they have, special skills (including languages, abilities, past experiences, or family history) which may be helpful in being a WAIT trainer.

We would like this to be as full and descriptive as possible, and to give us a thorough idea of the person's character and thinking. You may want to send photos, videos, or additional materials that help to present a complete picture. If you have already been trained or are actively involved with any WAIT team, please describe your involvement, especially any responsibilities or outreach that you have undertaken.

References can be sent from teachers, coaches, mentors, or others who can attest to the character or accomplishments of the individual. If already an active WAIT member, the candidate should ask the team leader to write an assessment and recommendation for participation.

One note of caution: WAIT is not a "second choice" for those who really wish to do another form of public service. We want only those who feel that this is right for them, as their first choice. Please do the discussion, prayer and reflection necessary now to discover if this is the option that would best fit your personal and family circumstances, rather than applying to three or four programs and then seeing which will accept you. Use this as the first step in taking responsibility and ownership of your own life and co-creatorship.

We believe that this will be an outstanding preparation for those who really see the need to stop AIDS and to empower youth and families. We also know that it reflects extremely well on educational and career applications, and have had several people get impressive awards and scholarships due to their participation. Also, the opportunities to travel, gain real-life knowledge and skills, and to become an educator in one of the most vital areas facing our world today are unparalleled, we believe, in any other program. However, we don't want these to be the motivations for participation, rather, the auxiliary benefits of investing oneself totally in a valuable enterprise. 

WAIT YOS application (.pdf - 63kb)

Should you believe this is a viable option for an eligible young person, please send your letter of introduction to: 

Kate Tsubata 
7752 Decatur Road, 
Hyattsville, MD 20784