What is WAIT?

WAIT stands for the Washington AIDS International Teens, youth volunteers ages 13 to 25 who teach HIV and AIDS prevention through performing arts. Believing that not even one more person deserves to be infected with this deadly virus, WAIT members have chosen to live the “best practices” for prevention—abstinence until one faithful life partnership, getting tested, avoiding blood contact, and using one’s talents to share the message with others. 

Each WAIT member is encouraged to develop their unique talents as a way to convey the prevention message to others. Skits, game shows, singing, dancing, art, and other creative channels are employed in our activities. WAIT embraces all people, so honoring each person’s respective faith, language, family and tradition is important within our teams. 

WAIT has reached 20 states of the US and 15 other nations. WAIT is supported by the voluntary donations and support of caring individuals and organizations. Donations are tax-deductible, under U.S. regulations, and we try to always provide acknowledgement of every gift, unless made anonymously.

 Mission Statement

Our mission is to stop the spread of HIV through factual education, creativity, and by modeling the good choices of abstinence, faithful lifetime partnership, getting tested, and using universal precautions to prevent blood contact.

WAIT regards every human life as precious, regardless of HIV status. We believe that love, respect, courage and service are the universally acceptable values that must be our tools.

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