WAIT is a project of the Washington AIDS International Foundation, which was initated in 2001 by Dr. Chang Shik Yang. WAIT was initiated by Co-Director Kate Tsubata along with a group of parents and teens in the spring of 2002 as a unique way to reach youth with AIDS prevention information. From one team in Washington DC with 12 youth, WAIT has spread out, replicating itself to several new states and nations each year, at present to 15 nations and 8 states.

WAIT teams perform in schools, youth centers, health organizations and community events, in local areas, and internationally. WAIT teams perform at several hundred events each year, more than 2,000 times since our beginning. In 2009, WAIT has active teams in 8 states and 15 nations. 

WAIT teaches a factual and scientific presentation which not only shows that abstinence and life partnership are the only realistic ways to stop the AIDS plague, but which also encourages the audience to become part of the fight by using their own talents to give the message to others. Internally, WAIT applies principles of parent/child unity, positive thinking and positive words about self and others, and that it is the love we develop through serving others that will radiate out in the presentations to move the hearts of those we meet. 

WAIT is not a faith-based organization, so people of all faiths do participate. However, WAIT members do pray in their own faith tradition, before each activity, and to conclude and offer each thing as well. WAIT does not seek to invite people into one religious teaching, but to act upon the clear teachings of all faiths-that living a life of deliberate purity before marriage and faithful sexuality in marriage is vital to becoming a genuine and contributing person. 

The WAIT trainer program will give the participants an amazing experience of working with youth and parents, developing talents and skills as a means of reaching out, learning to set goals and accomplish them, in order to spread the lifesaving message.